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The Submission Master® Jiu Jitsu Dummy is designed specifically for the Jiu Jitsu Martial Artist. Other grappling dummies may be good for throwing or merely ground and pound, but we know you need more for YOUR training.

You need a grappling dummy that lets you train submissions and train them repeatedly.

You need a grappling dummy that doesn’t have to be repositioned after every move.

You need the only jiu jitsu dummy that lets you work guard and inside guard.

The Submission Master® Grappling Dummy delivers all that and more…


..In fact, it’s the only Jiu Jitsu dummy that:

  • Keeps its arms up
  • Keeps its  legs up
  • Kneels up in your guard
  • Kneels in “start” position

…So you can endlessly train:


  • armbars
  • kneebars
  • leglocks
  • triangles
  • all your favorite submission moves

How 36 years of Martial Arts helped me discover the perfect
Jiu Jitsu Dummy

Like many martial artists, I became interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when the Gracies came on the scene in the 90’s. Prior to that, I had been training martial arts nearly my whole life, and teaching for several years as well. But I had primarily focused my training on stand up fighting. Everything I trained was for self defense and my skills were quite developed. I felt I was a well-rounded fighter and could handle nearly every combative situation, but I was blown away when I saw the Gracies!

Suddenly, I felt I was missing a key element in my fighting. How would I handle a fight if taken to the ground?

I knew right then I needed to incorporate this type of ground fighting into my repertoire, and without hesitation, I began looking for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class near me. Unfortunately, there was nothing to be found.

I was ready to move out to California (from Florida) just to study for at least 6 months. That’s when I got lucky and heard about a BJJ Black Belt teaching a handful of students in the area where I lived. I jumped at the chance, and I trained with him (out of a garage) for nearly two years. I went there faithfully every week. And worked diligently during the week to master what I was taught.

The years I had put into my martial arts training had taught me one very important lesson –
The fastest way to retain what I learned was through REPETITION.

So that was exactly what I did. I spent hours in between classes repping out each move. I wanted to know the moves inside and out. And before long, I was teaching BJJ as part of my “Combative Arts Academy.”

Back then, I didn’t have the advantage of a jiu jitsu dummy (just my girlfriend.) But I could see the need for a piece of sports equipment that would let a person rep out the important jiu jitsu moves and positions like the guard, quarter position and north-south position, and be able to repeat each move without having to reposition it. So when I discovered this design, I knew it was the perfect grappling dummy for training jiu jitsu.

Just read what others have to say about the Submission Master®:

“…the Submission Master grappling dummy is a great tool.”

MMA_Sean_Sherk…the Submission Master is a great tool. It is a tool that allows you to spend 100% of your time concentrating on your goals. You can work your arm bars, triangles, escapes, leg locks, transitions, lock flows and get as creative as you want.

Sean “The Muscle Shark” Sherk
Former UFC Lightweight Champion

“It’s perfect for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu…”


… how I got so good, so quick. I kept it a secret… With only 6 months training, there’s no way I’d ever be this technical! I particularly like the way the Submission Master keeps his legs up so I can train passing the guard… It’s perfect for brazilian jiu jitsu, judo, wrestling, sambo or any ground fighting martial art.

Johnny Austin
Personal and electronic security specialist
Plantation, FL

“I highly recommend the Submission Master to all my students and friends!”

img123I’ve spent 20 years as a law enforcement officer, with over a decade with a large state agency as a state trooper and supervisor. My entire career I have trained in or taught various martial arts programs. My last assignment was a defensive tactics instructor at the state academy where I was in charge of the Defensive Tactics Program for the entire division, including all recruits, trainees, sworn personnel, as well as reviewing policy and procedures.

Through all these years and assignments and with my own training company I have never found such a vital piece of training equipment as the Submission Master. Your training partner is never busy, tired or injured. There is no risk of injury or liability to your partner and there is absolutely no way to get more practice time and make your tactics muscle memory. I highly recommend the Submission Master to all my students and friends!!! It is well made and worth every penny.

Bill Elschlager
Sparta Combat Tactics

What does the Submission Master® do for you?

The Submission Master® Jiu Jitsu Dummy:

Amps Up Your Skill
  Maximizes Your Training Time
  Increases Your Stamina
  Gets you in Great Shape
  Takes Your Fighting to a Whole New Level

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It Gets Better Still – the Submission Master® Jiu Jitsu Dummy
Is Completely Backed By Our 30 day Guarantee:

My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you’re not completely convinced that the Submission Master® Jiu Jitsu Dummy can help you get the MOST reps in the LEAST time… or if you decide the Submission Master® Jiu Jitsu Dummy can’t help you maximize your training and your time…just let us know within 30 days. We’ll refund the full purchase price. The product must be returned within 30 days and in new condition.

Important – Please see the FAQ’s about the Grappling Dummy and review the Submission Master® Grappling Dummy Return Policy and Procedure to answer any questions you may have regarding the Submission Master® prior to purchasing.

Why Wait?

You know that the best way to improve your Jiu Jitsu is to get massive reps of the most important moves.

…And you’ve seen how the Submission Master® is the ideal “training partner” for training jiu jitsu.
So, now it’s time to get your Submission Master® and take your Jiu Jitsu game to the next level!

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Please Note – The Submission Master® Jiu Jitsu Dummy does not come with the clothing seen in the pictures and video on this site.